Independent Testing Services

Crucial to OEMs for delivering quality, mission-critical applications and a robust user experience, our QA and testing services follow best practices for QA strategy with testing at all levels of product implementation. Typical QA and testing engagements include long-term, third-party testing, planning and certification partnerships.

ThriveOn Independent Testing Services offer a range of quality assurance and software testing services that enable enterprises to seamlessly embrace disruptive technologies. Our portfolio of test engineering and quality assurance services are designed to test, measure and assure quality for a broad spectrum of new generation disruptive technologies such as mobility, cloud, analytics and social computing.

Our Methodologies leverage cutting edge testing tools – commercial off the shelf products and open source.

ThriveOn makes ERP applications more reliable, and web services and mobility solutions that deliver a better end user experience. We offer an array of scalable specialized testing services for every organization.

Our comprehensive range of testing services includes:

Automation Testing

Our platform-independent, business-driven approach improves automation across applications. Our proprietary accelerators increase test coverage and get your products to market faster.

Performance Engineering and Testing

Performance plays a vital role in the user experience. ThriveOn’s comprehensive service is a full cycle suite that includes defining, building and measuring performance.

Enterprise Application Testing

We have the domain and technical experience to test the most demanding mission-critical applications. We develop frameworks to ensure ERP applications produce predictable and measureable results. We’ve executed projects for leading players in the CRM space:Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, and, among others.

API and Web Service Testing

Our robust web service testing automation framework gives you the ability to run advanced functional and non-functional tests at the web services layer. The framework reduces testing costs and allows you to quickly create and execute automated functional, regression, compliance and load tests.

Digital and Mobility Testing

Our digital and mobile test labs ensure end users enjoy a personal, seamless, differentiated experience across channels. Our mobile script-less automation framework tests applications that support the full range of mobile devices.

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